Why Printo?

What is it that sets us apart?

We print 'On Demand'

 You can print on demand, which means that you can print anything you need whenever you need them and in the quantities that you need. You no longer need to order in thousands when your requirement is only of a hundred or ten. You have the option to print exactly what you need, no more or any less.

Convenient & Quick

At Printo, printing is affordable, hassle free, and quick. How? Simply because we use the latest digital printing technology that allows smaller print runs with no setup costs. Now, you need not manage different vendors to create high-resolution designs, to source paper, to cut, bind or package. All you have to do, is make one stop at Printo and we do it all! We offer high quality prints at great convenience and more importantly, you don’t have to wait for days to get your documents. We understand that time is of the essence, and we value your time.

Great Product Range

Apart from the regular colour and B/W prints, we offer customizable products for both your personal and business print needs. We have a library of product designs to suit all kind of occasions and moods. You can select a design and then modify it by adding your own message, changing colours, inserting pictures, and more. Customised photo calendars, diaries, invitation or greeting cards, brochures or leaflets, business cards, or posters-we can print them all. Our skilled staff can do the job in almost no time. You could walk out with your order in less than 30 minutes and we never compromise on quality. Compare this with your current document printing process, and you will see the difference. Our products help you save time with great convenience, while offering great quality.

Printo is Green!

Printo respects the environment and understands that the only way to grow is by taking a sustainable approach. Our primary digital production hub has incorporated green principles in waste management and energy conservation. 90% of our area is cooled by non-freon, low energy techniques developed especially for Printo by an environmental engineering specialist firm. All waste at Printo is segregated and disposed to ensure optimum recycling of paper and safe disposal of any synthetic products. Finally, our wide range of eco-friendly, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper solution offers customers the choice of responsible printing.  

Printo’s HubQTM

The Printo HubQ is a proprietary technology-enabled process developed by our team to manage and deliver customer jobs across the Printo network. The HubQ tracks timelines, job specifications and digital files. Printo manages hundreds of jobs a day and thousands each month, keeping track of the movement of each print product across the supply chain, using HubQ.Each Printo job carries an imprint, which enables us to verify and carry an audit trail of a job, much after it is delivered and consumed by our customers. The HubQ process provides the underpinning of our accountability and on-time assurance.