Endearing moments make the heart grow fonder!
Be it celebrating events of togetherness, taking-in the special sights, being in a special place and time, or simply expressing your bonds of kinship. Our life becomes more tender and reliving those memories always moves us.
We present you with Fotobook: an apt safe to store & revisit your special moments. Fotobook is a thrilling, everlasting & advanced version of the traditional photo album.
Customise as you please and have fun creating it with our easy-to-design software.
Quality Product: Fully laminated with hard cover it is a quality product that is deserving of your cherished memories.

Download our easy-to-design software on your computer and have fun compiling your album.

Note: After downloading extract the .zip file
and then install our software


The small-size Fotobook is ideal
for short & sweet trips to preserve
memories in a precise package.
Size: 9 x 6 (inches)

Rs. 849/-


The stylish Fotobook is a neat
& compact form to revere
your significant occasions.
Size: 8 x 8 (inches)



The popular all-purpose Fotobook
is an excellent medium to treasure
your delightful outings.
Size: 11 x 8 (inches)



Our comprehensive Fotobook
is a big canvas for you to
pin down special moments.
Size: 12 x 12 (inches)


Why Fotobook is a fitting gift to your precious moments?

Personalise as you please:

Layouts, Backgrounds, Captions, Graphics, Themes

Exquisite quality:

Hard cover (case binding) Full lamination Premium Felix Schoeller paper

Printo Consumer Express software

Fun to use with photo-correction feature Access to software on our site or download it to your computer

Different Sizes:

9”X6”, 8”X8”,
11”X8”, 12”X12”
Minimum pages: 32 (16 sheets)
Ships in 3 working days

Options to Collect Your Fotobook

You can create your album at our store, website, or with our downloaded software. To collect the Fotobook you can pick it up at our store or have it delivered to your location.