Corporate Solutions

Large and growing enterprises depend heavily on print as an effective form of communication and quite challenging to manage. Typical challenges include reducing costs, managing delivery timelines, managing transaction costs, monitoring quality and evaluating multiple print vendors each fiscal. Given this challenge, firms are increasingly turning to Printo for a solution.

There are numerous reasons why corporate companies choose us as their printing partner, among those the major reason is that we understand your business printing challenges, so we have designed our services that keep things off your head — so you can focus your energy on growing your company, not managing your printing resources and equipments.

As a one-stop provider of all your print requirements, we provide a single window to address all printing requirements of your organization, from your Business Cards to your Direct Mailers and all small and large formats B/w & Colour Printing.

We are capable of addressing all small and large volume requirements by using different technologies, improved control of costs and consistency, with excellent value for both. We achieve this through our Online ordering system.

We also provide innovative mass customized printing products!  The advantages you get are three-fold; single vendor for all your printing requirements, consistent quality and great turn-around-time.

So why is buying print such a hassle?

A) Print itself is variegated

Print remains the largest communications spend for most industries across the globe. It varies in terms of:

  • Size (labels/engineering drawings)
  • Quantity (letterheads/poster)
  • Material (paper/vinyl /cloth)
  • Uniqueness (newsletters/ID card)
  • Cost (flyers/gift items)
  • Intellectual property(posters/ business plans)
  • Packaging (brochures/engineering drawings)
  • Transportability (manuals/ceramic mugs)
  • Quality (business forms/ coffee table book)
  • Durability (notepads/sign boards)

B) The supply chain is fragmented

Printers are specialists focusing on their specific type of printing; from web offset to screen. Some types of printing needs involve manual process and craft, while others need mechanical precision and speed. Moreover each process requires specific machinery, which in turn binds a printer to only certain types of jobs. This is further compounded by outdated practices in management, employment and manufacturing, exposing them to legal compliance liabilities.

Printo solves the problem!

Printo makes the process of buying and managing print easy:

A) Single vendor for all print needs, across regions

B) Guaranteed on-time delivery

C) Consistent print quality

D) Complete control of print costs

Printo helps large and growing organisations reduce transaction and management costs by using automated systems on the buy and sell side. This means minimised intervention for reconciliation of invoices and POs and a consistent On Time To Spec (OTTS) performance. [In 2009-10 Printo delivered an OTTS of over 99.3%.]

Printo’s mantra of Under Promise and Over Deliver is actualised by our process and business model. We deliver using 3 simple principles:

1)    Process is God

  • We view print as a business problem and tackle it using process, technology and technical expertise
  • Our proprietary software system tracks jobs by the minute; from pre-press to delivery
  • We have a state of the art digital print hub with skilled project managers to monitor print production
  • We outsource jobs to a strong network of print providers across the country, who are chosen after evaluation of their process and quality standards
  • Printo consistently scores its supplier network to ensure that our customers get the best quality and prices from our partners

2)    Placing ourselves in the Customer’s shoes

We view printing from the customer’s point of view, rather than inside out. Our questions are not what our machines can produce and at what cost. We ask ourselves what it is that the customer wants, at what price and when?

3)    Build a great team

Printo prides in a team that respects process as a tool to enable the best of breed printing technology. Our team consists of some of the best brains in print technology, cost management and service delivery.


Printo’s Partnerships

Printo’s supplier network has been carefully nurtured over the past 4 years. We work with suppliers who have a cultural understanding of quality, timelines and business ethics.

All our suppliers are regularly evaluated using a supplier scorecard that takes data from our Printo HubQTM software and generates an OTTS (On Time To Spec) report. Moreover, regular site inspections to our partners’ facility and quality inspections of every job produced by them helps us get the best out of our partner relationships. Our print-partners are in effect evaluated by the same yardstick by which we are evaluated by our customers.

Printo has access to the best in class print facilities, technologies in-house and with its partners. From Xerox’s and HP’s high end digital presses to Mitsubishi and Heidelberg offset presses and from high speed folding and creasing finishers to automated screen printing equipment, Printo has the ability to deliver on an exceptionally wide product range.

Printo’s Vendor Partners benefits from the increased business volume without any marketing spend and Printo benefits from lower costs due to demand aggregation across customers. The most important aspect of Printo’s Vendor Partner Network is our ability to provide customers with almost unlimited capacity on demand and an unbeatable redundancy.

Monitoring and managing print jobs across this network is really at the core of our promise to deliver on time, every time!

Printo delivers through a combination of the following:

  • Centralized, high-volume and large-format print facility- We have a Hub to take care of all large-volume requirements. It functions 24×7 when required
  • Retail network of Printo stores - We have a network of 17 stores in 2 cities-Bangalore and Hyderabad
  • Captive in-plant Printo shops - We have a print shop on the Infosys campus in Electronic city for their exclusive use

Our Value

Solutions approach: You provide Final Product specs, Budget & Timeline only, Printo takes care of everything else

Consistency-Branding, Communication, Deliverables- Since Printo is your single-window provider, branding consistency can be maintained across multiple forms of printed Communication and multiple geographies. IP protection is also built into the process. All customer documents are shredded after use and all customer files are deleted until they are requested for archival.

Control-Budget, Cost, Quality, Timeline andIP- Most printing is ordered in smaller volumes and multiple instances (except for items like annual reports), making it very difficult to track from a cost perspective. Moreover the pricing is fixed by one department (Procurement/Admin) while ordering is done by a different department. Hence validation is difficult. With a single vendor like us, it becomes easy. For example, today Infosys has a clear track of which department is ordering from Printo and what is their spend.Our Turn Around Times are consistent because we track and record it, available to clients for review.


Top-of-the-line equipment – Our infrastructure consists of production-grade printing equipment from Xerox and HP and automatic finishing equipment from Renz.

Connectivity, Redundancy – Our bandwidth investments facilitate easy transfer of large volume data and provide redundancy across stores.

Job management
Proprietary software – With our proprietary software, we can achieve Variable Data Printing and automated customization even through our online portal.

Online ordering
Web store – We have an intelligent online ordering system that makes it very easy to order while controlling consistency of branding across print products.

  • Pricing control – Our ordering system helps monitor printing expenses by department and costs-centers
  • Template-based personalization – We can provide user-level access control, workflow automation and budget restriction for corporates

Audit trails
Every order has extensive user management and audit trails.


Corporate sales team
Account Executives with named accounts - we assign dedicated Sales Team only for corporate customers for better accountability and execution excellence.

Online ordering
User-defined automated customization on standard templates - we provide a dedicated micro-site for large customers with customizable pre-configured products and solutions.

Corporate value card
Easy ordering through Printo retail outlets for urgent requirements - we provide a dedicated micro-site for large customers with customizable pre-configured products and solutions for managing and tracking their orders.

Printo is a professional company managed by a board - run by professionals with a service-delivery background and is backed by Sequoia Capital Partners, one of the largest venture funds in the world.

Wipro, Infosys, Cafe Coffee Day, LJ Hooker, Cisco, Ashok Leyland and many more.