Double Sided

Stylish textured cards with unique cut

  • Professionally designed and meticulously printed double-sided cards
  • Wide variety of designs give you elegant options. Or upload your own.
  • Lamination option also available

Rs. 475

(Quantity:100 Cards)

QuantityDispatched in (Days)
Upto 3001
Upto 7001
Upto 10002
Upto 20002

  • Size: 3.5x2 inches
  • Media: Cobble white, Coronado infinite white stipple, Ensemble (Eco-Friendly 260 gsm), Fedrigoni Renu 100% recycled white (300 gsm), Linen brilliant white 100% recycled, Natural evolution white, Sens Mesh (300 gsm), Sens Micro (300 gsm)
  • Printing Type: Digital
  • Printing side: Double sided